Congratulations to Tjilpiku Pampaku Ngura Staff


Congratulations to the staff at our Tjilpiku Pampaku Ngura for completing Certificates in Aged and Disability care. This included four Anangu staff. Congratulations to Victor, Jane, Priscilla, Darcelle, Marg, and Michael. They were presented with their certificates at a ceremony at the Tjilpiku Pampaku Ngura on Tuesday the 16th of September.
Thanks to Tafe, Sue and Christine for providing the training


Nganampa Achievement


The AMA President, Associate Professor Brian Owler, gave a speech to the National Press Club yesterday. He mentioned some of Nganampa Health Council's achievements in the area of child health.

The speech can be read at


Award of Excellance


Congratulations to Tracy Turner who was a finalist in the "Aged and Community Services of SA and NT Award of Excellence".

Tracy has been a long term employee at our Tjilpiku Pampaku Ngura Aged Care Facility and was the manager of the facility for a number of years. She did a fantastic job and Tracy would have been a worthy winner.

You can read about the Tjilpiku Pampaku Ngura at


Tjikita – Nyuntu Ngayuku Malpa Wiya


Nganampa Health Council has made some “Tjikita – Nyuntu Ngayuku Malpa Wiya” stickers. This motto translates to “Cigarette – You are not my friend”.
It is inspired by a true story of an Anangu man who gave up smoking by rolling cigarettes, holding them in front of his face and saying “Nyuntu ngayuku malpa wiya”, before throwing the cigarettes away.
Anyone from the APY Lands who would like some stickers should contact Nganampa Health Council.
Also check out the video at:


Nganampa Health Council Annual Report 2013


Nganampa Health Council's 2012 annual report is now available from this website.

Both the full annual report, plus reports that discuss the individual programs in more detail are available.

This can be accessed in the "Download Reports & Documents" section on the Home Page.


Measuring Up Online Training


You can read about the online training that our Aboriginal Health Workers have been doing with Tafe SA at this link - "


NHC Dental Health Program - A Success Story


Nganampa Health Dental Program – A success story

Nganampa Health has completed a statistical analysis of our dental program. The analysis shows that our ability to sustain a dental program and the program preventative focus is resulting in improvements in the dental health of our population. The analysis shows an increase in the number of patients seen, an increase in the number of completed treatments, and an increase in the amount of preventative care.

A significant achievement of the program is that the dental health of 12 year olds on the APY Lands compares well with that in the rest of South Australia.

A report has been prepared that discusses our dental program. It can be accessed from here.

icon Dental Program Paper (499.13 kB)


Clean Up Iwantja Day


Congratulations to Iwantja Community for holding a Clean Up Iwantja Day last week. The event was supported by Clean Up Australia. Nganampa Health provided some sponsorship.

Special thanks to our Iwantja nurse Maree for helping to organise the event.


UPK Albums featured on Deadly Vibe


UPK Albums featured on Deadly Vibe

Nganampa Health Council’s UPK Albums have been featured on the Deadly Vibe website. Read about our UPK albums at


Tjikita Nyuntu Ngayuku Malpa Wiya (No Smoking Song)


"Check out the film clip to "Tjikita – Nyuntu Ngayuku Malpa Wiya" at

The song tells a true story of a man from Angatja who gave up smoking by rolling up cigarettes, holding them in front of his face and saying "Nyuntu Ngayuku Malpa Wiya" (Your are not my friend).

This is the motto to Nganampa Health Council’s no smoking program, funding by the Commonwealth Department of Health".


Shower Block Song


The University of Melbourne have just advised us that Nganampa Health Council’s "Shower Block Song" has gone out in 1,000 Trachoma Story Kits across Australia in the last 3 years with another 500 being prepared now. They also advise "It’s universal and still a favourite - and was being talked at an Aboriginal Researcher Writer's Forum here at Melbourne University just last week (!)".

The Shower Block Song is on the first UPK Album. It was the number one song in Central Australia in 1989, and was featured on Countdown and Rage. We believe it is still the most ever requested song at CAAMA Radio. You can find out more about the UPK albums at and

To see the Shower Block video and here the song, go to


Housing for Health The Guide


Have at look at the new Housing for Health website at This guide has been funded and developed by Healthabitat. Healthabitat started with Nganampa Health Council's 1987 UPK report. Although it is now a separate organisation, we continue to have strong links. We are very proud that our 1987 UPK Report continues to do a lot of good throughout the world.


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