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ICEE TrainingNganampa Health Council is a Registered Training Organisation. We are registered to provide Cert 2 HLT21307 4 in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care, Certificate 3 HLT33207 4 in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care, Certificate 4 HLT44007 in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care  (Community Care ) and Certificate 4 HLT43907 in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care  (Practice)  from the Health Training Package HLT07.

Health Worker Education Training is offered to all Anangu health workers on the APY Lands. The training program is coordinated by the Health Educator and an Anangu Health Worker Trainer and is based at the Umuwa Training Centre. The Training staff visit all the clinics and communities and provide some on the job training when visiting. All Nganampa Health staff have a role in training AHW’s and are responsible for providing an environment conducive to learning.

Additional training is provided by visiting tutors who provide specialist training and one on one support. Recently there has been a focus on providing IT training and Health Workers have been actively using the Communicare program.

The program continues to deliver Senior First Aid Courses under the
auspices of Australian Red Cross (ARC) and our program coordinator maintains registration as an external trainer with ARC. We run at least one course a year and occasionally two.

The program coordinator participates in many of the visiting specialist visits including the Paediatrician, Podiatry and Hearing Services visits. This  ensures our Anangu Health Workers participate in these visits and receive some one on one training in these areas.

Programs Report (2009 Annual Report including a summary on the Health Worker Training program)

AHW Annual Report 2013

2012 Health Worker Training Annual Report

Nganampa Health Council 2011 Programs Annual Report

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icon Health Worker Education (445.95 kB)

icon Certificate 2 HLT21307 4 (34.69 kB)

icon Certificate 3 HLT33207 4 (24.18 kB)

icon Certificate IV HLT44007 HLT43907 (27.46 kB)

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