The Nganampa Health Council vision is to provide and be recognised for providing Aṉangu with high quality, culturally appropriate, efficient and effective primary health care and related services. Nganampa Health Council will provide the highest standard of culturally appropriate primary health care, encompassing services to vulnerable individuals and communities. We focus on the provision of clinical, trauma and critical care to all of our clients. We do not discriminate in the provision of excellent care and aim to treat all clients with dignity and respect.


Nganampa Health Council is an incorporated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health organisation controlled by local Aṉangu communities on the APY Lands.

Nganampa Health Council is an Anangu owned and Anangu directed organisation. It is overseen by an Anangu Board established according to our Constitution that sets the strategic direction of the organisation. The Board determines the organisation’s strategy and makes the key policy, finance and staffing decisions. It has an Anangu Executive Director who gives direction to the Medical Director and Health Services Manager. The various portfolios are operationally managed by the Senior Management Team (SMT).

The objective of NHC governance is to ensure our service provides and professionally administers sustainable high quality culturally responsive health services to our communities that leads to improvements in the health and social outcomes for the APY Lands.

The Board is chosen by and responsible to the Members who are all Anangu resident on the APY Lands.


Chair: Jamie Nyaningu

Executive Director: John Singer

Health Services Manager: Sue Haines

Medical Director: Paul Torzillo

Nganampa Health Region
Umuwa Office
tel: (08) 8954 9040
fax: (08) 8956 7850
Alice Springs Office
3 Wilkinson Street
tel: (08) 8952 5300
fax: (08) 8952 2299
postal: PO Box 2232, Alice Springs, NT, 0871

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The documents and health information on this web site are the property of Nganampa Health Council unless otherwise indicated. Copyright restrictions apply. Unauthorised use of this data is prohibited. Permission to use any health information accessed here for reproduction, publication or further research project must first be sought in writing from the Director, Nganampa Health Council. This web site contains photos of Indigenous Australians. If you find photos of people who are deceased and you want them removed, please ring the Alice Springs office on 08 8952 5300.
Nganampa Health Council acknowledges and pay respects to the traditional custodians of all the Lands, esp the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands, on which we work.